Service Fee is a cost including item price or commission to start bidding or buy procedure. Here’s all we need to get your items.

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you have two payments before shipping

Auction & Online shopping Service


shipping Service


Car Export Service

  • Our Commission
  • 10,000yen per vehicle
  • Possible Expenses
  • Delivery cost inside Japan from the seller to our yard/port: ask
    tax: 8% over car price
    Recycling ticket fee: 10,000 - 20,000yen depending on the size
    International shipping cost: ask
    custom clearance & declaration fee: 20,000yen (flat)
  • Other Fees
  • Container Loading Fee (In the case of container): 15,000yen per vehicle
    Picture Fee: 2,000yen

Service Fee Calculator


You can calculate how much shipping fee it will take to you

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