What is "Shipping Only Service?"

If you need a help only for shipping from Japan to your home, this is a must-try service.

In this service, we do NOT assist anything related to purchases. We only help receipts of goods in Japan and external transports to your place. You must complete orders/payments/delivery arrangements yourself.


In this service, commission charges every 1 delivery, NOT every single item. Please check on the fee page for details.


Purchase the Item Yourself

In Shipping Only Service, we only assist shipping from Japan to your place. Please complete buy procedures and arrange the delivery to our warehouse yourself.

Shipping Address

Please use the following information as a shipping address when you place an order to the shop.


(ADDRESS LINE1) 3619 Imai
(CITY) Yukuhashi-shi
(PREFECTURE) Fukuoka-ken
(ZIP/POST CODE) 824-0018
(PHONE #) 0930-55-2691

(ADDRESS LINE1) 今井 3619
(CITY ) 行橋市
(ZIP/POST CODE) 824-0018
(PHONE #) 0930-55-2691

Name of Receiver

Please enter and use your name as receiver name.

Order to Us

  1. 1. Login to your member's page.
  2. 2. Click "Shipping Only Service" order form.
  3. 3 .Fill out the order form and submit it.
  4. 4. After submitting the order form, PAYPAL's payment page is
    automatically displayed.

We charge our commission every 1 delivery, not for every single items. Please enter total purchased amount.

If your purchased items are separately delivered to us, please separately order to us.

Make the First Payment
- Service Fee -

After submitting your order, Paypal payment page is displayed.

If you would like to know about payment more, please click the following button.


If you do NOT complete a payment on PayPal, the order will be cancelled automatically.

Item Arrival to JAA / Storage

  1. 1.Goods Arrival.
    Goods Arrival notication will be emailed.
    *We contact if the shipment from the seller is delayed (^o^)!

  2. 2-1. Storage (if add "storage" option) We store your items until you send us a shipping request.
    *You can save a shipping cost if multiple items ship together. (This "Storage" option is at free-cost.) More information click here .

  3. 2-2. Shipping Preparation (if NOT add "storage" option)
    We start shipping preparations as soon as your item has arrived.

Shipping Preparation

To deliver your items safely, we choose the best packing methods/materials for repacking.

Shipping preparations start after goods arrival or receiving your shipping request (if you choose storage option). After completing shipping preparations, shipping invoice will be sent to you via PAYPAL.
*If enough amount is in your JAA Wallet, a shipping fee will be subtracted from your JAA Wallet.

Shipping preparation takes 1 to 3 business days normally.

Packing Material Fee

To protect from damage or breakage, packing material fee may/might be charged.


Make the Second Payment
- Shipping Fee -

If enough amount is in your JAA Wallet, a shipping fee will be substracted from your JAA Wallet.

If insufficient funds occur, a shipping invoice via PayPal will be sent to your registered email address after a shipping preparation has completed.

Deliver to You

Expected Delviery Date

Airmail (EMS): 3 to 7 business days
Airmail (FedEx): 6 to 9 business days
Airmail (Small Packet): 1 to 2 weeks
Sea Mail (Japan Post): Asia 1 to 2 months/Other 2 to 3 months
Sea Mail (Container): 1 month

Shipping Schedule

We do not ship packages Saturday, Sunday, and Japanese public holidays.

Delivery Delay

Due to a custom clearance, weather, or other vairous circumstances, delivery may/might be delayed. If your package is stopped in customs, please feel free to email us.


Is there any notice when use this service?

Please enter your name on the receiver name (Not our company name) when you're placing an order to stores.

Tell me the delivery address inside Japan.

(ADDRESS LINE1) 3619 Imai
(CITY) Yukuhashi-shi
(PREFECTURE) Fukuoka-ken
(ZIP/POST CODE) 824-0018
(PHONE #) 0930-55-2691

(ADDRESS LINE) 今井 3619
(CITY) 行橋市
(ZIP/POST CODE) 824-0018
(PHONE #) 0930-55-2691

When do I have to place an order?

Please place an order to us after completing a purchase on the store.