Don't worry! We provide various services at free cost.

Safe Shipping

To deliver your items safely, we change packing methods/materials based on our packing standard.

We do:
Antique china: double-box, air-cushioning materials
CDs: air-cushioning envelop
Golf clubs: special box designed for clubs

We also do:
wooden crate packing, palletize, specially designed packing

Prior Feedback Check

We check the auction seller’s feedback before start bidding.
This is a free service provided only by JAA.

We have NOT victimized by auction frauds or unsent goods since JAA has established. We check the seller’s feedback and past comments from buyers before start a bidding.

In case that we judged the seller as an unacceptable seller, we will decline the order to protect our customers from vairous problems. This Prior Auction Check is for checking a seller’s feedback or recent dealings, not for a good’s condition or authenticity. Please confirm the item details or conditions yourself.

Combined Shipping (Storage Option)

When possible, items from multiple orders will be combined into the same package at free cost. This helps to reduce the number of packages sent to you, so you pay less shipping cost.

- Storage period is "ONE MONTH" after goods arrival.
- JAA does NOT recommend the storage of items which may change in quality during the period of storage.
- JAA takes NO responsibility for items that change in quality during storage.
- JAA cannot ship multiple items together if they will exceed the size and weight specifications of the shipping method you chose. Please be aware that in such cases we will send your items separately.

1) How can I choose this option?

You can choose storage option at one-click. Please check the “Storage” box on order forms when ordering.

2) How can I send a shipping request for my stored multiple items?

You can send us a shipping request from your member’s page. Please take following steps after logging in to your member’s page.

1. Login to your member’s page.
2. Point cursor to "STORAGE" tab and click "STORAGE LIST".
3. Check the box what you want to ship.
4. Submit a shipping request form.

Special Commission Discount

Multi-Order Discount

200yen or 20% commission, whichever is greater will be back.
*This discount is applied from 2nd order in a same day.


Expensive Goods Discount

We offer special commission discount for expensive goods.

10,000 – 29,999 yen >>> 10 % commission back
30,000 – 99,999 yen >>> 20 % commission back
100,000 – 299,999 yen >>> 30 % commission back
300,000 – 499,999 yen >>> 40 % commission back
Over 500,000 yen >>> 50 % commission back

1. If both multiple-order discount and expensive goods discount are applicable, either the greater amount will be applied.
2. The time and date is based on Japan Time.
3. The above discount is for Auction Service and Online Shop Service, NOT for JAA Shipping Service.
4. This discount will be made after successful bid or complete the purchase.

Fee Comparison

High-Quality Service at Low Cost.
We provides our services at lower commission than other deputy services.

  • ・item price is 5000yen as an example.
  • ・Domestic shipping fee is 160yen as an example. Company A and B charges minimum 1000yen as a domestic shipping cost. We, JAA, charge an ACTUAL domestic shipping cost only.
  • ・For easy-understanding, we charge expenses bank fee and PAYPAL’s transaction fee separately. Company A, B, and C includes Bank Fee and Transaction Fee in commission.