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Freight Container
Freight Container
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Other Related Matters
  • For bulk orders
  • Mix cargo, 20ft or 40ft container --- you can choose whichever you want.
> Point check!

Freight Container is cheap for bulk orders.
Airmail (FedEx) is cheaper than freight container if package is less than 2 to 3m3.

> Details
  • Payment Terms
    Not door-to-door.
    Payment Terms is CIF or C&F basically.
  • Delivery Date
    20 to 30 days (to the nearest port)
  • Insurance
    Mix Cargo: Availble
    20ft or 40ft container: None
> Note
  • Storage Cost
    500yen/1m3 (every week)
  • Packing Fee
    In freight container, it is necessary a palletized shipment for safety delivery, and packing fee in left charge will be charged.
  • Payment terms of CIF or C&F does not include all costs in your country. ([e.g.] custom clearance fee, domestic shipping inside your country, or tax)