Shipping NOTE

Shipping Fee Payment

Prohibited Exports

Export prohibited items from Japan that cannot deal with JAA.
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Prohibited Imports

Some items may be prohibited or restricted for import in your country. Please thoroughly check the goods which are prohibited for import in your country before placing your order. We recommend checking with the customs department in your country for the most up to date information on prohibited imports.

Shipping Delay

The delivery of your item may be delayed due to circumstances outside of the control of JAA, such as customs clearance delays, weather conditions and domestic circumstances in your own country. JAA cannot inform you if the delivery of your item will be delayed. We cannot answer requests regarding delayed delivery. Please contact to your local post office or distributing company directly with the tracking number we provided.

Lost, Stolen, Ruined Items

If your item is ruined, damaged, missing, you must open in front of a postal worker to make your insurance claim. JAA is not responsible for damaged, ruined, missing items. All items are insured and any incident should be taken up with the post office. ** If you didn't purchase insurance or ship via Small Packet, you cannot claim a compensation without an orginal coverage on EMS & Sea Mail. JAA strongly recommends to purchase an insurace for unforeseen cases that your item is lost, broken, or stolen.


Custom fees or VAT may be charged depend on the kind of item or country. We are not able to take a responsible on costs on your country's custom office.

Return or Exchange Policy

We do not accept a goods return or exchange after shipment from JAA.

Shipment Method or Packing Changes

Please note that if you have any requests on packing or shipping method, please notify us BEFORE a packing completed. We are not able to meet your request or charge you the following costs after completing a packing.

(Re-packing per box)
Small Package: 300yen
Midium Package: 500 to 700yen
Large or Heavy Package: 1000yen or more

(Shipping Method or Declaretion)
500yen per box